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Curator, Esther Klein Gallery (EKG), University City Science Center, Philadelphia PA

Director, University City Science Center BioArt Residency Program, Philadelphia PA

Member of Grizzly Grizzly Artist Collective

Graphic Designer (Freelance)


Relevant Experience

Artistic Advisor, Penn Network Visualization Program, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA

Staff Scientist, Varicella Manufacturing, Merck, West Point PA

Laboratory Manager, Department of Pathology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia PA

Previous Member of Little Berlin Artist Collective


Bachelor of Fine Arts Painting and Drawing, Temple University, 2010

Bachelor of Science Biology, The University of Texas at Austin, 2004


 Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 Chimera, Philadelphia International Airport, Terminal D

2013 New Morphologies, Highwire, Philadelphia PA

2010 Visceral: A BFA Exhibition Stella Elkins Tyler Gallery, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA


 Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 20 for 20: It’s a Wrap, Philadelphia International Airport

2018 One Minute Auras, CRUXspace, Philadelphia PA

2018 Art in the Open: Selections from 2010-2018, City Hall Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2018 The Interconnectedness of all Things, Henry Bermudez, Theresa Shields and Angela McQuillan, The South Tower Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2017 Making in Place, Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, Philadelphia PA

2017 The Art of Network Science, Westtown School, Westchester PA

2017 Feminist Fiber Art, Virago Gallery, Seattle, WA

2016 The Art of Network Science, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA

2016 Art in the Open, Schuylkill Banks, Philadelphia PA

2016 Friends and Neighbors Exhibition, 40th Street AIR, Philadelphia PA

2016 When Looking, Do We See?, Boston Street Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2015 Art Meets Science, MDI Biological Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

2015 Victory for Tyler, Crane Arts, Philadelphia PA

2014 The Vital Flux, Gallery 107, North Adams MA

2014 Woodmere 73rd Annual Juried Exhibition, The Woodmere Museum, Philadelphia PA

2014 Spring "Eco Arts" Exhibition, JAM Gallery, Malvern PA

2014 Ty Unnos, New Boon(e), Philadelphia PA

2013 Arthaus at the Black Box, Underground Arts, Philadelphia P

2013 Corpus Illuminata IV, Tangent Gallery, Detroit MI 

2013 Marvel: RAW Showcase Event, Philadelphia PA

2013 Cellular/Molecular, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia P

2013 Small Worlds, The Plastic Club, Philadelphia PA

2012 Ever Never Night Market, little berlin Fairgrounds, Philadelphia PA

2012 Hung, little berlin, Philadelphia PA

2012 Angela McQuillan and Masso Rene, Jed Williams Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2012 Art at Le Meridien, Le Meridien, Philadelphia, PA

2012 City Arts Salon at Sharktown, Philadelphia, PA

2011 proCESS, Aktion Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2011, little berlin, Philadelphia, PA. 

2011 Philly Comix Jam Presents: A Fine Art Show, Philadelphia, PA

2010 Little Warsaw, little berlin, Philadelphia, PA.

 Curatorial Projects

2019 X-Ray Visions, Lois Goglia, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2019 In Search of Meaning: Memory Becomes Us. Patricia Moss-Vreeland, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2018 BioArt and Bacteria, Anna Dumitriu, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2017 Life on the Edge: A Speculative BioDesign Exhibition, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2017 GUT LOVE: You Are My Future, Kathy High, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2017 Lorem Ipsum, Jason Lee Starin, Gallery 3711, Philadelphia PA

2017 More is Contained than What is Revealed, 990 Spring Garden, Philadelphia PA

2017 Feature CREEP by Maximillian Lawrence, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2017 The Manatee of Mantua by James Dupree, Gallery 3711, Philadelphia PA

2017 Continuum by Rebecca Kamen. Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2017 The Future is Female, co-curated with Ishknits, Westtown School, Westchester PA

2017 Among the Weeds of the Vacant Lot by Adam Lovitz, Gallery 3711, Philadelphia PA

2017 Geistdenkenheit by Tyler Kline, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2016 Art at the Science Center: a 40-Year Retrospective, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2016 Mutant Nature by Alana Bograd, Gallery 3711, Philadelphia PA

2016 The America Project by Paul Vanouse, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2016 Surveillance, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2016 Intergalactic Geographic Retrospective, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2016 Astrogenesis by Nikki Romanello, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2016 Methods of Collection, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA 

2015 Scintillare by Marguerita Hagan, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2015 A Matter of Softness by Juan M. Castro, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 

2015 Crystal Beings, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA 

2014 #MadeAtDMD, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA 

2014 Rate of Occurrence by Create in Situ, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA 

2014 A Big Stick of Confidence by Clara Ursitti, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA 

2014 Fronting Motion by PolakVanBekkum, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia PA 

2014 The Vital Flux, Gallery 107, North Adams MA 

2013 The CITYWIDE Collections Project, Pterodactyl, Philadelphia PA 

2013 Growth and Decay, little berlin, Philadelphia PA 

2012 DATABASE, little berlin, Philadelphia PA

2012 FLASHFL00D, little berlin, Philadelphia, PA

2011 Viking Makers: Where it's at, little berlin, Philadelphia, PA 



2018 Finding Art in the Gut and Other Places, The New York Times, by Patricia R. Olsen

2017 The Philadelphia Science Center Creates Success By Fusing Innovation, Art And Community, Forbes, by Western Bonime

2019 Philadelphia’s unique Art at the Airport mirrors city’s vibrant art scene, TheArtBlog, by Roberta Fallon

2018 FRESH ART AT PHILADELPHIA INT’L AIRPORT, Stuck at the Airport, by Harriet Baskas

2017 Channeling da Vinci, the Science Center investigates the art of science, Keystone Edge, by Elise Vider

2017 Art intersecting with bioscience at uCity Square, Philadelphia Business Journal, by John George

2016 The specimens at the Science Center’s latest art exhibit are creepy and beautiful, Philly, by Lian Parsons

2016 Crystallized skulls, crocheted skeletons: art meets zoological specimens at the science center, Flying Kite Media, by Elise Vider

2016 Local space places Philadelphia artists in the spotlight, Star Newspaper, by Amanda Staller

2015 Spaces and Places: Esther Klein Gallery, SciArt in America October 2015 issue, by Julia Buntaine

2015 Paperclips presents Inliquid artist interviews: Angela McQuillan, by Erica Minutella

2015 The scientific and the transcendental in crystals at Esther Klein Gallery, Knight Arts, by Chip Schwartz

2014 Cleaning up Fishtown, with Fish, Philadelphia Metro, by Julia West

2013 Little Berlin takes an intrigue into living forms and structures, Knight Arts, by Chip Schwartz

2013 Biology Inspired Aesthetics,, by Stephanie Yakir

2013 Esther Klein Gallery's "Cellular/Molecular" alongside Philadelphia Science Festival, Knight Arts By Chip Schwartz

2013 It's (almost) growing season in the Riverwards , Northeast Times Star, by Brian Rademakers

2012 Little Berlin's suspended member show "Hung",, by Chip Schwartz

2012 ittle Berlin has a lot on their plate (literally), Knight Arts, by Chip Schwartz

2012 Little Berlin's Fairgrounds Project, Frankford Ave Arts Corridor, by Sarah Schimineck

2012 The Aesthetics of Data at Little Berlin,, by Ben Meyer

2012 Le Meridien Showcases Painting and Video, Knight Arts, by Chip Schwartz

2012 A Sculpture Garden Grows in Kensington, The Fishtown Star, by Hayden Mitman

2012 Kensington: Little Berlin Provides Art Space, Philadelphia Neighborhoods, by Whitney R. Segel  Stephen M. Rose

2011 Emerging Artists at Prelude, Knight Arts, by Chip Schwartz

2011 Art for Science's Sake Newsworks/WHYY, by Peter Crimmins and Carolyn Beeler

Scientific Publications

Zoeller, Jason J.; McQuillan, Angela; Whitelock, John; Ho, Shiu-Ying; and Iozzo, Renato V., "A central function for perlecan in skeletal muscle and cardiovascular development" (2008). J Cell Biol, vol. 181 no. 2 381-394

 Bix, G., Iozzo, R. A., Woodall, B., Burrows, M., McQuillan, A., Campbell, S., … Iozzo, R. V. (2007). Endorepellin, the C-terminal angiostatic module of perlecan, enhances collagen-platelet responses via the α2β1-integrin receptor.Blood, 109(9), 3745–3748.