I am an Artist and Curator interested in the intersection between art and science.


Despite the massive amounts of information readily available to us, humans are still surrounded by mystery.  Our perception of the world is quite limited as there is much that remains undiscovered.  I am drawn to the lure of the unknown, and the quest for more knowledge.  I am interested in the processes that happen inside of a living entity that are invisible to the eye yet essential to life. Through my scientific background I have gained a deep appreciation for biological forms, anatomical subjects and bodily functions. I am fascinated by the way that nature evolves and adapts, and the way that humans can manipulate the outcome.  I believe in the interconnectedness of all things, and that nothing ever occurs as an isolated event. I am interested in the ability of science to solve problems while ultimately creating new ones, and I think that art is important in this equation because it allows us to reflect on the power of our own knowledge and take a closer look at the implications of how it can alter our society and our environment. Science and art are both tools of exploration, allowing us to gain more insight into ourselves and the world around us. We will never see everything there is to see, but catching tiny glimpses here and there make the quest worthwhile. 


We live on an island surrounded by a sea of ignorance. As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance."

- John Archibald Wheeler